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My family

Школьное сочинение по английскому языку, 5 класс.

 I want to tell you about my family. It is really big and loud. It is perfectly understandable because I’ve got two younger brothers and one little sister. You can imagine, I am 15 years old, and my brothers are six and four. My sister is only 2. I’ve got a single room, and in spite of that, I can hear when they fight and when they have fun. But still, I think that having many sisters or brothers is much better than growing up alone. They are really adorable, especially when we watch comedies together or go to the zoo. Our dad works at the hospital, he is a doctor. I think it’s a nice profession. When you help sick people, you make yourself feel better. Our mother is a business manager. She is very organized and talkative. Our granny is a warm-hearted woman. She always gives us good advice and takes care about us when parents are at work. I like the meal she cooks. I often ask her to teach me something. Our granddad is very funny. He doesn’t cook but he always makes great jokes. I love my family so much! We spend all holidays together.

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