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School composition

Who does not drink, he will live
 Alcohol has a very negative effect on the body, especially in large quantities. The young body rarely feels discomfort from taking alcohol in large quantities. But the older a person becomes, the more and more it is necessary to reduce the dose of alcohol, as alcohol begins to destroy the human body most intensively.

 Alcohol-this is a kind of doping, which at all times attracted a large number of people of different professions.

 Many people often try to compensate for their low-quality personality is alcohol. This, of course, is not an option, as dependence on alcohol is a very serious disease and often leads to terrible consequences.

 If you do not use strong drinks, you can increase your life several times. This is very necessary, especially in the modern time for us, when the death rate from alcohol dependence is several times higher than from any other causes, including natural ones.

 Children who start drinking alcohol early begin to experience difficulties: the intellect begins to undergo negative changes, the brain atrophies and much more.

 The high mortality rate of alcoholics and cirrhosis of the liver. This is a very terrible and painful disease, as the death rate from it is very high.

 Lovers drinks very often become victims of fights and other things violence.

 Alcohol and all its chemical compounds are harmful to the human body. Especially alcohol affects the heart, which often leads to heart attacks and strokes. Alcohol has a devastating effect on the stomach, causing gastritis and ulcers. This, I must say, is extremely dangerous.

 Statistics show that people who do not drink, live much longer than those who drink alcoholic beverages.

 Teenagers begin to drink because they want to look like adults, adopt their habits, which are not useful.

 The most difficult thing for any alcoholic - to recognize his illness and stop drinking. Many because of this can not quit for a very long time.

 Thus, start to drink better is not worth it. This will lead to a long binge.

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