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School composition

White crow in class and in life
 In each team, especially children's, there is a"white crow". These are people who stand out from the rest. They are often very difficult to contact with ordinary people, as they rarely share the point of view of the"crowd". Since the cruelty of teenagers is very high, such children often come home with abrasions and bruises, as they are beaten for being different from the others.

 There are companies, which consist of a white Raven. Each person here is different, and they all combine on several similar qualities of the person: hobbies, views on life. Often such societies form a subculture. For example, Goths, punks, metalheads, rappers, emo and so on.

 Not only in schools, but in General in life we can see people who are difficult to get along with their other "brothers". This phenomenon is typical not only for people but also for animals. They remove from themselves those individuals who are not with them one "mindset". Few of the "white crows" can boast of a high level of social activity, as people are usually introverts.

 At school, the children are very quiet or, conversely, very noisy. These extremes are very objective, because people "white crows" have a special feeling hidden inside them, somewhere inside their personality.

 There are such outcasts who treat other children negatively because they do not like them and do not let them into their company. For such " evil "and for such" hatred " they pay the same feeling. White ravens are very aggressive and in every way try to "annoy" their abusers, so that they feel all the bitterness of resentment "losers".

 The losers are, one might say, the second name of the white crows, who can not position themselves as a "standard" member of society. Of course, these children are very afraid to be alone and completely unnecessary to anyone. They should be treated kindly, so they do not become angry and cruel.

 We can say that most children are large groups that are United by some extraordinary abilities that help them to live and be creative individuals.

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