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School composition

We all know that motherly love is the most important feeling of our life
 We all know that motherly love is the most important feeling of our life. All our life we are connected with our parents, even when we are independent from them and live separately from each other.

 The mother is the person without whom we could not be born. A person always tries to help his mother, giving her thanks for her life.

 A mother's love never requires anything in return. It is pure love based on natural instinct. Even when the child has a disability or upset your mom, she's only stronger loves his child.

 Mother's love is a phenomenon of human life. No wife in the world will love her husband as much as his own mother.

 There are strange things associated with the mother's love ,when such a feeling is absent. This is due to abnormalities of the body. Scientists sometimes attribute this to the mutation gene, blunting the maternal instinct in humans.

 It should be noted that in the 21st century, a lot of girls and women who give birth, often do not feel any feelings for the child. This indicates violations of the natural feelings of women. There are constant degradation of this feeling.

 If the feeling of mother's love is highly developed, it indicates the "harmony of family happiness". Children in such families feel great and, growing up, arrange their lives as they want. Those who are deprived of maternal love sometimes achieve high results in life, but a child's trauma with them is until the very end of their life.

 Without maternal love, life on earth would be very boring and depressing.

 If you compare the love of father and mother, the first ,of course, the most basic. There are cases when the father could replace the mother with his love, although this rarely happens in reality. This is a unique case, not a standard one.

 There are people who believe that mother's love is not just an instinct that we got from our ancestors, but something much more spiritual.

 Thus, the mother's love for her child is the most important feeling in the life of any person, regardless of age.

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