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School composition

Unrequited first love is not a tragedy
Girls and boys often face unrequited love when the object of adoration is indifferent to them. Many teenagers cannot survive such a "tragedy" and kill themselves. But it's not a tragedy! Often these children are very sensitive nature, which encourages them to go to such a terrible step as suicide.

To this did not happen with you, you need to constantly remember that the first love is not the last. In your life there will be many more loved ones and you should not turn a single case into the end result of your life.

Girls often write diaries in which they describe all of your feelings, place them at a certain time of day (night). This slightly relieves stress and relieves the overall emotional background of the girl. The diary, therefore, is presented as an excellent tool to share their feelings when nobody's around. It is possible to scold his "chosen", to confess his feelings.

Guys rarely keep diaries, but it's bad – to keep all the emotions in yourself sometimes very dangerous. This can lead to prolonged depression and there is a possibility of deterioration of health.

Many girls believe that the first love is what will happen to her all her life. This is not always true. There are a small percentage of girls who can not forget their first love all their life, even when they are married to another person. Such a stereotype is an exception to the rule, not the rule itself.

Guys often very quickly forget about existence of the first love. Usually really helps them to switch to another girl they like. Such relationships are most adequate – can not only forget the previous "favorite", but also help to form a young" Romeo " as a person.

Many girls and guys, especially if long meet with their loved ones, parting with them, fall into panic and depression, leading them to madness. To avoid such a result, you should always adjust yourself to the fact that even if your loved one is not there, life does not end, but only gaining momentum.

Thus, unrequited first love is not a reason to despair-there are many ways to save yourself for other people.

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