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School composition

The appearance of a teenager in school
 Everyone knows that in adolescence it is very important to look fashionable and stylish. Many students are so concerned about their appearance that they forget about the generally accepted norms to dress at school.

 Teenagers often feel within. They often react aggressively to rules hostile to them, without thinking that such "frameworks" can be invaluable.

 Of course, not every teenager is dissatisfied with the school uniform. If we take the country that existed before 1991, the USSR, we can see almost complete satisfaction and even love for a constant and not changing form. Such love is also visible in modern Russia. Many eleventh-graders on the last call come in this form. This tradition is very firmly "embedded" in the life of the post-Soviet school.

 Is it so important for us, how do students look in the classroom? If the classes will sit rockers, vulgar dressed girls, guys in ripped jeans, will it be possible to talk about quality training? Probably not.

 Many people note that the freedom to choose clothes – it helps a person to be more liberated, free, "cool". This position is not entirely correct. If you now allow the children to dress as they want in school. Then children will be required to listen to what they want, to teach what they want and, as a result, not to teach anything at all. This result is negative for school education.

 Teachers working in schools have a negative attitude to the excessive freedom of choice of clothes by schoolchildren. They can be understood, because the main thing for the teacher is the quality of education, not the freedom to dress.

 I must say that children always require attention, and to attract him with the help of non - standard clothing-this is the easiest way to be in the center of the class. Especially so lack of attention suffer those students who were not loved at home, or they lacked this love. Against the background of such a lack of attention the student became more selfish.

 It is not necessary to consider yourself better than others - it is bad.

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