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Sports and games

Proceeding from the reason that physical culture is the best way of saving one’s health, I must claim that lots of people go in for sports. Men and women of various nationalities are united in that one thing. The major purpose of physical culture is not to release champions, but to improve strong and healthy population.


Regarding sports in Uzbekistan, It can be said that in Uzbekistan there are all sports, which you can imagine. However, I think that the most well known sports are football and boxing in the country. I think so, because all Uzbeks talk about only football and boxing.


What sport did use you like, when you was a child?


When I was a child, I played different sport games. Nevertheless, especially, I used to like football. I do not know why, because I do not like football now, though I admit that it is the most popular sport in the world. Moreover, I suppose that used to like it because:

  • Firstly, I did not know any sports else.
  • Secondly, it was the easiest sport for me in that time.
  • Thirdly, all children played this sport.


How do you think, people became more sportive or not?


I do not know definitely, but if to compare the time about 50 years ago and now, in my opinion, people became to do much more exercises than in the past.


Why sport is good for you?


Exercises are good for me, because physical culture requires from a person fastness of reaction, endurance, strength, velocity. Sports make us more energetic, gives that recreation, and change which is so necessary in order to be fit.

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