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Smoking is not fashionable
Many believe that Smoking is prestigious, makes a teenager an adult, increases the prestige of the smoker in front of peers. But, in fact, Smoking is not fashionable. If a person smokes, he is likely to drink. Often smokers do not understand the seriousness of how dangerous it is to smoke. This is so dangerous that many do not even suspect with their unenviable fate. I must say that smokers are those people who understand the high risk of getting sick and dying, but continue to smoke, which is very dangerous.

Smoking has such a negative effect on every person, even those who do not smoke (passive Smoking). This kind of influence on the human body – it is extremely difficult and dangerous.

Many people who smoke, do not understand how dangerous everything is. Inhalation of toxic fumes-it is not fashionable, and can lead to death.

In the twenty – first century in many countries, Smoking is limited-this is due to the huge harm to the human body.

Passive Smoking, according to many scientists, is even more dangerous than active (inhalation of poisons into the lungs).

Of course, the impact on the human body of tobacco and resins contained therein is well understood, but, after all, it is better not to smoke tobacco – will lead to undesirable consequences.

Russia is now fighting Smoking, which is a positive phenomenon. But, in addition to tobacco control, there is an alternative to the standard Smoking of tobacco-VAPE (electronic cigarettes). The effects of these substances on the body have not yet been fully studied, so it is not yet included in the list of prohibited actions.

Many people can't quit Smoking just because of a few reasons: it's hard to quit when a long time habit destroys your health and it's not easy to part with a cigarette if the level of addiction is very high.

There are several options that can help to quit Smoking and get rid of this habit for a long time.

Every smoker who no longer smokes, does not plan to start again and does not consider Smoking a fashionable occupation.

Thus, Smoking has ceased to be a fashionable and very stylish accessory for many people.

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