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School composition

 At the first, my mother compelled me to read, but then I liked it very much. Moreover, of course I enjoy reading because I like it. When I read books, I feel enjoyment and it is interesting and cognitive for me. Furthermore, I always learn something new of reading books. It enhances my range of vision. By the way 60 books has been read by myself.

 I like two sorts of books. This is adventure books. For example, “Mysterious Island”, which was written by Jules Verne. After that, I like books about marine Special Forces. It is about strong men, who solve problems in the world.

 I do not know my favourite book, because above shows how many books I have read. Therefore, I cannot find the best. It is very difficult for me.

 I think that reading is better than watching TV. Because about 60 years ago there were not television and almost all people read books. And now almost all people do not read books. It is terrible.

 Finally, I recommend everyone to read books. You will risen your world outlook and increase lexical resorses.

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