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School composition

National Sports
 At the beginning of my work, I would like to talk about national sports. The national sport in Canada is ice hockey. Canada is a top ice hockey country with nine Olympic gold medals. Also, this kind of sport is popular in many other countries, for example Russia and Czech Republic. Ice hockey teams have got twenty-two players with six players in the game. Ice hockey is my favorite sport, because I am interested in watch the game, very often it has a spectacular ending, after that I want to cream with joy.

 Another popular sport is basketball. Most of all it is popular in the USA, Spain and Serbia. The famous clubs and players are in the USA. Basketball is the national sport in Lithuania. This country has got many Olympic medals and the best basketball players. Players of this sport are very tall and strong.

 Cricket is a popular summer sport in Great Britain. In this country there are a lot of clubs of this sport. Cricket players wear a certain uniform-white boots, a white T-shirt and white trousers. In total, the cricket game includes two teams of 11 people, each with a chance to beat and serve the ball. The spectators have to be very patient. The game is played on a pitch with a wicket at each end. The Rules of the game have changed over the years. It is a game which is associated with long sunny summer afternoons, the smell of new-mown grass and the sound of leather ball beating the willow cricket bat. Cricket is more popular among men, but it is also played by girls and women. This is not my favorite sport in fact. In my country, it is very rare. But I would like to see the game live. It is very amazing kind of sports.

 The last kind of sports is football. It is popular in three hundred countries and it is the national sport in many South American and European countries, such as Argentina, Croatia and Brazil. In Brazil this sport is especially popular. Brazilians are very crazy about football. This year was the Worlds Cup in the country where I live-in Russia. Modern football, with eleven players, is from the United Kingdom. The UK has got four national teams:Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. Football is the oldest kind of game in the world.

 In conclusion, I want to say, there are many interesting and existing sports, but I think I told about the most popular kinds of sports. After reading this essay, you can understand, there are many kinds of sports, which of many become national sports.

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