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School composition

My working day
 My working day is not very different from other students. But I really want to talk about it. I, like all students, get up early in the morning. My morning starts at 6.30 am. My school is far away from my home and that's why I have to get up like this. I don't clean the bed. After me, my mom cleans it. I don't have enough time to do chores in the morning. Like regular school children, I do all water treatments, dress, eat quickly and go to school.

 I prefer walking to school. I get to school by bus only when it's very cold outside. My mother told me that fresh air and active lifestyle have a positive effect on my body. I made conclusions long ago and because of this I go to school on foot.

 My classes start at half past eight in the morning. I have seven lessons a day. After classes I go to the library to read interesting books, as well as prepare for lessons for tomorrow. I really like sitting in the library. There's a very good atmosphere for me.

 After going to the library, I try to go for a walk with my friends. I go to basketball twice a week. I like to play sports. My friends also go to basketball with me. We also go to the theater club. In this group we teach the texts submitted and for the holidays we feature your submission. In the theater group, we are expanding horizons. We study the leading authors and study their works. That's very interesting. In the afternoon, I come home and help my mom around the house. In the evening I with all family watch on TV interesting movies and cartoons. While watching TV, no one disputes what program he wants to watch. We agree that we want to see. I go to bed early in the evening, at half past nine in the evening, because the next day I have to get up early.

 Also in the evening I like to read books. I mostly read encyclopedias. It's very interesting written about our wonderful world. I like to study how people live far away from me. I also love to explore the animal world. I'm never bored.

 I don't want to change anything in my working day. I like everything. Once I tried to change something in my schedule, but it did not work. From other people I have heard many times what a working day should be like. I was happy with everything. I don't want to change anything in my day.

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