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School composition

My little friend
 I have a little friend a dog. Many will agree with me that the dog is the man's best friend who will never betray or stop loving.

 My friend's name is Bobbi. I was given it for my birthday. Then I turned five years old. Since then, we have not spilled water. Bobbi is a very clever and perky dog. He has blue eyes like a lake and white wool like snow. He's a very big dog. Since childhood, Bobbi is a very friendly and obedient pet.

 When the summer holidays come, we always go to the village to visit our grandparents. As we drive our car, we gladly take our beloved watchdog with us. On the road Bobbi, often, goes silently, watching the nature, he looks out the window. When we finally get to the village to granny and granddad, the dog does not have the limit of joy. After grandmother is very tasty and nourishing us from the road, we all go together to the forest to the lake, in which very strongly loves to swim Bobbi. He splashes in the water, thereby showing that he really likes it. Grandma and grandfather have a large farm: chickens, pigs, cows, ducks, geese and turkeys. On his return home from the lake, the dog immediately ran to the farm, so as a faithful dog to fulfill his duty to protect them. When we go for a walk on the field Bobbi goes with us, leaving livestock for a short time. He frolics on the lawn, chasing after beautiful and large butterflies, which fly over the field in a cloud. And my four-footed friend and I also like to run around the expanses of an infinitely beautiful plain.

 It's strange, but my dog does not react at all to cats. It seemed to me that all dogs do not like cats or are simply chasing them for pleasure. But ours does not seem to see them at all. Perhaps it's because she is very friendly.

 Since the dog can easily be trained, we learn new commands in nature with him, which he happily performs. He really likes in the countryside. And he always looks forward to when we will come here again. I am madly in love with animals. And of course, I'm very glad that I have such a small friend! He very quickly won the love of our whole family.

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