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School composition

My favorite toy
 I have so many toys and every road to me in its own way. Almost every one of them evokes pleasant memories. For example, I adore my plush rabbit. My grandmother gave it to me, and she made it with her own hands. It was a gift for Christmas. I know that my grandmother sewed him with warmth and love.

 When I was four years old and I still went to kindergarten, my most favorite toy was a robot transformers. It was bright red with yellow accents. With a light movement of his hand, he turned into a car. Cool I would not go, then I always took it with me. But, unfortunately, one day it broke down. Now the transformers lack a few details and can no longer turn into a car. My mother always tells me to throw him out. But I really do not want to do this, because the robot reminds me of my childhood. I put it on my desk and cried that I could some day repair it.

 To date, my most favorite toy is a bicycle. Mom and Dad gave it to me on New Year's Eve. Now everyone in our family has a two-wheeled friend and we very often ride them all together. It's just delicious! Just imagine a clear sunny day, a slight breeze blows and we rush on our bicycles. We also went to skate around the city. Parents are sure going forward, but I was sometimes scared. But I easily coped with this feeling, taking an example from my mother and father.

 On my birthday mom and dad promised to give a laptop. I'm really looking forward to this moment. I like to work in many programs and very many I want to study. Also, I can listen to music on the computer and watch movies. He will be an excellent assistant in his studies. With his help, I can prepare reports or abstracts, and generally prepare for lessons, and get good marks for it. Of course, I will play a variety of games and discuss them with friends.

 I do not plan to spend much time on the computer. After all, real life is much more interesting and saturated. I'm sure that the bike will remain my favorite toy. After all, it is much healthier and very exciting!

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