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School composition

Kindness and anger
 Kindness is the most important feeling by which many people are saved in this complex world.

 For many, kindness is, first of all, a lot of good deeds that allow a person to be better and cleaner. It will be very difficult for people to live without good deeds, because the world is an absolute "evil" - it is a heavy burden for many people. Many people like to see around them smiling and kind in all respects people who not only help others in difficult situations, but also help with a kind word,support each other in difficult situations.

 The Bible teaches us to be good. In this book of books written all the most valuable that can help a person to be kind.

 The other side of many people is evil. This is a very unpleasant force, which is designed to show the entire black side of man.

 People often do a lot of evil things, but few people like to talk about them, because everyone wants to look good.

 Do people need good? Sure, yeah. If people learn to be good, they will become good people in the future. They will be able to help others and become less like evil and unpleasant.

 In General, it is difficult to talk about good and evil, as it is very difficult forces that can make a person happy and turn him into the most unhappy. People all over the world have a secret desire associated with the opportunity to be kind and present. Evil people can rarely be necessary to other people, as their inner world is very dark and dark.

 There is a perception that Teens are very evil "people", lacking empathy to each other. This is partly true, as children are really cruel. Few children can boast of good intentions towards a weaker peer. "Good" teenager-this is not the norm, but an exception to the rule. There are many who help each other,but such students are rare in the modern world, in which there is not much sacrifice and true love for each other.

 There is plenty of evil in the world, which makes many more cautious in matters related to doing good to each other. Many are simply afraid to do good.

 In this way, you need to be good, not evil. This will help everyone to show themselves in the "full" growth of his soul.

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