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School composition

I want or need
 In infancy, the child understands only the word “I want”. Loving parents do their best to fulfill all his desires. After all, they want their kid to feel loved and happy. But over time, a new word “must” appears in the child's life. It is necessary at meal time, it is necessary to wash the hands before meals, it is necessary to go to bed in time, we must obey everything in our mother and father. And the older the child becomes, the more the number of these “need” increases. And, of course, they will not go away anywhere, but will accompany us all the time and everywhere.

 If you think about how many things you need to remake to your mother, it becomes incomprehensible how she manages to catch everything in a day. At our age, of course, there are not so many responsibilities, but our “must” was also a considerable number. Undoubtedly, sometimes there is a desire to cheat and wriggle out of what is needed and do business for the soul. It's much nicer to lie on the couch watching an interesting movie than to go for a walk dog. But then you realize that the patience of the dog is not infinite, and if you do not take her out for a walk, she will feel bad. But we are responsible for the “brothers” of our smaller ones. So it turns out that you give up what you want, in favor of what you have to do. It happens perfectly when these two words coincide. For example, somehow on my grandmother's summer vacation, she said that I need to go to sanitation to the sea. Here it is a lucky event when the desired coincides with the necessary. But such cases are quite rare. More often I have to do what I must. But this must also be done if you want to achieve something. Each child needs to go to school for education. And no matter how lazy we are, we do it, because we understand that this is important for us. I think that when a person has a goal in front of him and wants to achieve it, in this case his “I want” and will coincide with his “must”. After all, all these duties that we must fulfill lead us to what we want to achieve in life.

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