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School composition

How to learn to be a good student and enjoy learning
 I was told from early childhood that learning is important, it is necessary and it is useful. I didn't understand it in first class. It was hard for me to sit all three or four lessons, I could barely stand it, but I approached it responsibly, did not miss and did not skip lessons. My mother believed that she raised a good son who is studying hard and conscientiously. It was difficult. A lot of things I didn't understand, not like something to teach, to remember.

 Study to me was given with difficulty. After a time, some items I began to like more and more. I am a humanitarian and therefore I began to take seriously literature, history, Russian language. I liked these subjects and began to talk about them with enthusiasm. My parents actively supported me and helped me in everything. My mother bought me various books that were interesting to me, and my father hired a tutor in history and social science.

 Thoughtfully, persistently and persistently I searched and collected knowledge and additional information bit by bit. Previously, my parents severely punished me for bringing three, deprived me of walks and TV. But it wasn't often. Now I do like, diligently perform all that was asked. Mom carefully helps me, supports my endeavors and passions of classical literature. I lecture on foreign literature. I read the material thoughtfully and enthusiastically. Before I did not understand how to learn, acted weakly, did not try especially, did not understand the benefits of learning. Now my studies bring me joy. I always raise my hand in class, look for additional information and apply it.

 My father says that he is pleased with me, that I consciously and resolutely approach to study, that it will help me to get a good profession in the future. I like to take an interest in different subjects, and the older I am, the more subjects I like. In class all the guys think I'm a versatile person, they say that I know a lot and always help them with homework. The teacher says that I show sincere interest in learning and that he is quite satisfied with me, praises me to my parents. I am invited to different Olympiads at school. I became more proactive in this approach. He has the desire and develop the interest. It gives me joy to acquire new knowledge. Now, studies seem both important and useful to me.

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