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School composition

How I spent summer
 Here comes the new academic year. This indicates that the summer holidays are behind them. They were filled with a mass of unforgettable events. And I really want to share how I spent it.

 I think that many students throughout the school year dream of having a proper sleep. And of course, I'm no exception. Therefore, the first day of the long-awaited vacation, I slept almost until lunch. But then I decided that I was losing so much time that I could spend on something useful. Then I decided that I would run in the morning, because it is very healthy.

 My dad is very fond of fishing. And one day, one fine summer morning, we went to the river. We caught a lot of fish: perch, bream and a huge pike. And now I waited for my mother to prepare her own specialty dish from her. We just love fish casserole.

 In the summer you can have a great time with your friends. You can walk from morning till night and not think about lessons. My friends and I had a picnic several times. We played tennis and football in the clearing. It was very cool! We also like to ride a bike race. And most recently, with my friends and, of course, with our parents, we went swimming in the reservoir. In summer, it is very hot and so we were all very happy that we went to the water.

 And most of all I remember the trip to the camp. There I found a lot of new friends with whom we communicate, even being at a distance. In the camp there were a lot of different competitions, and the winners received super-prizes from the leaders. I got a T-shirt with a camp logo.

 Still, there is a wonderful view. Near the camp there is a forest. We often went there for a walk with the leaders. Walking through the forest, we watched the animals and enjoyed singing birds. It is very beautiful in here.

 In the camp I learned many things. Most importantly, I realized what real friendship is. Next year, I will definitely come here again.

 This summer I spent unforgettably! Only now the time flew completely imperceptibly. But I do not respond, because now you can start making plans for the next summer holidays.

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