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School composition

Homework should be optional
All students have to do their homework because it helps to practice skills you have learnt. There are some students who think that teachers give them too many tasks that it becomes almost impossible for a student to have a part-time job or just to find time for their hobbies and friends, so something needs to be done in order to make students’ lives easier and their studying more enjoyable. There are different opinions on this problem: some people suggest to make homework while others believe it is not a good idea.

In my point of view, homework should not become an optional thing. Firstly, teachers know better what students should do to achieve success in learning as teachers are highly educated people who are aware of different teaching methods and which one is the best for each student. Secondly, if homework becomes optional, there will be students who will stop practicing at home, which always leads to bad grates. Without practice, it is not possible to become good at something.

However, the opponents of this view say that it would be a lot better if homework was optional because it would give students an opportunity to do things they know best. Students will feel like their opinions value and that is going to make them very inspired, exciting and motivated to pay attention to learning process.

Nevertheless, I strongly disagree with this point of view. If everyone is able to do what they want, it will discourage students who work really hard and do everything their teachers say. The students will see no point in trying follow a teacher’s advice and recommendations because everyone around them do what they like.

In the conclusion, making homework an optional thing has always been a very controversial thing, but I hold the opinion that homework should not be optional, otherwise it will have a negative effect on students’ grates. It is a teachers’ job to decide on which way of learning is better for a student, so it is dangerous to make such a big change in whole education system.

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