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School composition

 There are some fascinating traditions in the United States of America. But one of the most well-known all over the world is connected with celebrating of Halloween. It is hard to find more beloved holiday in the USA. Halloween is so popular, that can be called as one of the symbols of American lifestyle. It is held on the 31st of October, the Eve of All Saints' Day and devoted to the memory of gone parents, worship of the dead and rules of life and death circulation. Besides, symptomatically almost every ancient holiday with papagan roots, more or less connected with finish of harvesting. Halloween is based on ancient Irish Celtic tradition and lately had been accommodated with Christian tradition as well. It is not an official holiday, but by now, it is celebrated in many countries all over the world.

 It is based on a belief, that at this night the dead could return to the world of humans as witches, zombies, ghosts, black cats and in other weird and scary forms. And the sun on this day, the 31st of October, the last day of warm summer season, is so weak, that can not retreat the power of darkness.

 But all fears and superstitions went to the past, now Halloween is a holiday full of fun, masquerades, carnivals, parties, dancing, singing and traditional family dinners. And of pumpkins with candles instead of eyes in every window. Such pumpkin is called “Jack of the Lantern”. It had been believed that such lightning near the house could banish evil spirits of All Saints' Day.

 On this day adults and children should be dressed as interesting, strange and scary as possible. It’s a perfect possibility for those, who have good imagination, creativity and sense of humor to express themselves. During, at least, one century there is a Trick-or-treat tradition as well. Children, wearing Halloween costumes, knock the doors of neighbors, require sweets, tasty food, money. And how many amusing attractions, labyrinths of fears are to be constructed for this truly intercultural holiday of Halloween! Holiday of Halloween, which traditional colors are orange and black, is much like those colors–it has serious black roots and warm and cheerful orange contents.

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