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School composition

Funny case
 Today I wanted to share the story that happened to me a year ago on the summer vacation.

 We all the family at this time usually go to the country. We have a huge plot there. And not far from our house there is not very wide, but deep enough river. I very often spend time with friends on its shore. Sometimes we fish, by the way, we built the fishing rods ourselves. And sometimes we play funny games.

 The story that I want to tell you happened on one of the summer evenings. The weather pleased us with its warmth. Sunset was approaching. As usual, midges fluttered over the river. I sat with my friend near the river and we threw small stones into it, talking about something of our own. And then I got a stone by the hand, which was slightly larger than the previous ones. I threw him into the river and a few seconds later we saw huge air bubbles in the place where the stone fell.

 Of course, we froze for a moment and began to observe what was happening. At the place of the bubbles appeared an unidentified object of black color, then it swam against the current. Without thinking, my friend and I headed in the same direction along the shore.

 Very soon the object stopped near us. We did the same. It was already getting dark, and the last rays of the sun hid behind the cloud. Therefore, it was difficult for us to consider the inhabitant of the river. Little by little, fear seized us. Either because they were afraid of this subject, or because they were afraid to frighten him away.

 When the cloud swam away and the rays of the sun again illuminated everything around, we were able to discern, in this strange find, a lovely beaver. Previously, neither me nor my friend had to see them, except in pictures only. We were very surprised and satisfied!

 In a moment, the beaver disappeared from our field of vision. And we remained standing still, expecting that he would please us with his presence again, but this never happened ...

 We still came to the place for several days, hoping to see the beaver. We brought him various treats and threw them into the river. But, unfortunately, the beaver no longer showed up.

 Watching animals is very interesting and I hope that such an opportunity will come to us more than once.

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