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School composition

 Friendship occupies a significant place in people's lives. I believe that everyone needs a person with whom you will feel a spiritual closeness, who will think like you.

 Parental love is completely different. And with a friend you just sympathize with each other, you want to spend together as much as possible, at the right time, always ready to help each other.

 I have a real friend. His name is Tom. We study with him in different classes. Tom learns in the fifth, and I'm in the seventh. And we live in the neighborhood. Our parents are also great friends and that's why we often visit each other as families.

 Tom is two years younger than me. He loves to play football very much. Tom has been playing in it since three years and his team has already won prizes in competitions. I'm very proud of him. It is possible that in the future he will connect his life with football. Tom is a very kind, considerate and intelligent boy. He loves to read books: science fiction and adventure. And he likes to spend his free time watching TV. It's always interesting to communicate with him. We often talk about their favorite characters from the movies. We also sometimes skate or ride a bicycle. It's great! I believe that it is very important to have common interests.

 Recently, I went with Tom and our parents to the amusement park. We had a rattling time! A lot of riding on the carousel. And after they went to the zoo. They were observed there for wild animals: lions, tigers and bears. Still, there were funny monkeys, who with pleasure ate our food. I liked the ostrich most of all when I'm afraid, then I hide my head in the sand funny, and Tom's attention was attracted to a fox who gracefully moved around the corral.

 At school, I help Tom with math and biology. If Tom is sick, then I always come to visit him and Tom does the same.

 I can say with certainty that Tom is a very good friend. We will always help each other, if necessary. I'm glad that in my life there is such a friend and I really appreciate the communication with him.

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