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School composition

First September
 That ended three months of summer vacation. Three months, when you can relax from everyday life, have fun. The first of September is celebrated with the day of knowledge. On this day each child begins another new stage of his life, he steps to a new level.

 On this day, almost always good weather, the sun shines brightly, festive atmosphere reigns everywhere, solemn events are held annually. The main entrance of the school is always decorated with colorful balls, music is heard everywhere. On all the tracks to her children rush, beautifully dressed, happy, with smiles on their faces. During the summer holidays, they missed the school and teachers, by their classmates, school friends.

 The first of September is especially nice to watch first-graders. How cute they are, smart! Girls have huge white bows on their heads, beautiful smart school dresses. Boys in their snow-white shirts, strict suits, ties resemble little gentlemen. They all have colorful satchels behind their backs. On the faces of a smile, and in the eyes of an incredible excitement. After all, today they are taking a very important step in adulthood. In their little hands they tightly squeeze bouquets of flowers that are presented as a gift to their first schoolteacher. She is waiting with no less excitement for her new students, standing on the threshold of the school. In her eyes, too, the joy shines, because she is looking forward to the guys to get to know them.

 Students of the older classes feel much more confident. After all, the school is already their second home, and all classmates have become almost the second family. They meet with joyful smiles on their faces, start to share with each other their impressions about vacations — who did how to spend them, who went where, where they rested.

 The guys who became pupils of final grades come as schoolchildren, on the first of September for the last time. Therefore, in their eyes, both joy and sorrow. Looking at the first-graders, they remember themselves. They remember how trembling they first came here. But time does not stand still and everything goes on in its own way. Invariably one — every person for life remember this solemn day, when he became a schoolboy.

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