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School composition

Favourite country to go on holidays
 As in Russian Federation live a big amount of people, each family has own traditions. All known of these are New Year tree with many vitreous balls or other toys.

 Concerning meals, the most well known is Olivier. It is loved almost all Russians, as it is the old heritage to cook this salad. But, the main fact is in peak hour to hear how the Kremlin horologe tick the last seconds before New Year. It is significant moment for all families in RUSSIA and the moment is associated with happiness, cheer, and of caurse with beginning of New Year.

 Although these are, the main traditions, there are in existence some extra things often occure at 1 January.

 In obedience to the statistics, a moiety inhabitants of Russia like ice shows. Thus is built many ice figures of various prominent people, icehouses and castles.

 Also we can notice that every second park has a large place to build statues and even ice city. Although the most likely is exactly glacial city.

 I suppose that at the 1 January many families, undoubtedly with children go to parks and enjoy amazing refinement or this monuments and play of colors.

 Moreover, they play snowballs, sledge and construct a snowman.

 Finally, I would like say that my favourite country to visit on holidays is Russia.

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