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School composition

Family is the basis
The importance of the family for any person is a paramount level, as it is in this cell of society that people are most honest and get experience of interaction in society.

The family begins to educate the person, instills in him the foundations of existence and survival in human society. It is extremely unusual for a person to communicate for the first time outside the family or its alternative.

Family, as a rule, helps any person to become the most normal, real and honest person. Often the family helps to develop different types of talents of the child, which is very important and valuable for any person.

If family ties are not as strong as they should be, then children will not be able to arrange their personal lives for a long time, since the model of family relations they received from their parents will prevail and how negative feelings the child had.

The most difficult thing that can happen to a person is a family disorder. When this happens, the person becomes defenseless, and his mental state goes into another state.

Since the time of the cavemen, man has been part of a family, which in its first "variant" was a primitive communal system. After that, people became part of a family that helped all members of this unit of society.

For those who believe that this kind of relationship within society - the most valuable for all living on Earth, sometimes it becomes unusual that the family should be connected to something whole constantly.

The worst thing for any child is to be outside the family, as it means his insecurity and almost complete alienation from society.

Those children who are in orphanages, despite the replacement of this family with an alternative, experience very unpleasant feelings that are associated with loneliness and abandonment. orphans tend to react very painfully to all possible references to the family and its values, as he was deprived of them.

If the child is in a very friendly family, where there is love and mutual help, it is extremely difficult to convince him that the family is bad and does not make sense.

Thus, it is necessary to appreciate family values.

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