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Family In the world, there are variety of families

In the world, there are variety of families. They are very different in several categories. These are nationality, character of people, mental structure and rules of life. That is why each family is distinct.

In my country, there are lots of good families with educated children. Perfect education of children always hangs on family. However, unfortunately quite plenty of mothers and fathers have bad relationships towards children. They do not watch for kids. It is worse that parents do not know what happens in their lives. Therefore, I think that the attitude in families towards children has changed in bad way.

How must parents bring up offspring?

Regarding this question, it should be said that the issue is contradictory.

On one side, husbands and wives should have one mutual opinion about education and upbringing of children. Thanks to this, they will not differ. On the other hand, sometimes-separate points of views is not so grievous, since each parent can teach something special. Nevertheless, it can be useful for education only on the case of good relationships between parents. If parents have an argument due to their different opinions, it may have pitiful impact. Thus, it must be given preference to first version of upbringing, as it has right influence on children’s mentality.

What is more important? Friends or parents?

No doubt, that mother and father are more significant than friends are. You may have friends now, but they can leave you tomorrow. True parents never abandon their child and they are closer than any mates are.

What to do, if you have an argument with parents?

In different families can be various conflicts because of anything. However, these are straws. In that case, I always try to bear with them at the earliest possible moment.

Which responsibilities do parents and children have?

Parents have many duties towards their offspring. They must teach them, explain everything, help with problems and simply listen them. It is very important to understand children. Because each child has his or her own opinion. Even if it is wrong, parents should show them their mistake and must not repress children’s will. Otherwise, it will have pitiful impact on their mentality.

Offspring have responsibilities towards parents too. In most of the situations, they should do as parents say. Because, parents will not advise something bad as they are first friends of children. In addition, children have the main duty towards parents; they must help them with everything, because father and mother are too busy persons and they need understanding and help of children.

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