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School composition

Ecology is getting bad in the world
 Ecology is the main problem in the world. Unfortunately, ecology is getting bad and it is horrible.

 Certainly, I agree with social opinion. However, we can and we must do something against this problem. Ecology is depending of people, thus we must take care about our nature. We must:
  1. Do not abandon our debris in the forests, in mountains etc.
  2. We must be promptly with matches in the forest area, mountains and so on.
  3. Do not leave our debris on the streets of any city.
  4. Our government must scan all ecological problems in a country, especially in factories. Make factories pay penalties, if they break lows.
  5. The final, it is better to plant trees in order to help our nature.

 These are the main advices in order to avoid dangerous situations in nature. However people can do much more things, doing just these 5 can rescue our happy life togethre with nature.

 In a nutshell, take care of our Ecology in the Earth. Because it is our common homeland.

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