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Computer games are a disease of the 21st century
 In the nineties there were such wonderful game consoles as Sega and Dandy. Boys and girls played these new technical means every second of free time.

 After the appearance of Sony PlayStation and games with more realistic graphics, the players became even more.

 When programmers began to develop games for personal computers, the fans.

 Push the buttons even more.

 Do not forget that computer games – is, above all, not a replacement for real life, and the opportunity to get away from a little bit already boring clichés of life.

 Many families break up because one of the spouses plays in the computer for a long time or forgets this occupation about his second half.

 Currently, many scientists engaged in a tight study of the problem of games in the computer, note that the people of the twenty-first century, not only have not become smarter, but also the level of intelligence is constantly decreasing, is already 400 grams less than was our ancestors, close to monkeys than to a reasonable person.

 On average, each person who enjoys games on the computer, spends on their favorite entertainment time several times more than family, food, work. This is very dangerous, because there is always a risk of mental disorder. This can lead to severe mental injuries and illnesses. You should play as rarely as possible, and it is better, of course, not to play to maintain your intelligence and internal qualities of the person.

 Computer games every day more and more capture a person and captivate him into a world of fantasy and strange worlds filled with dinosaurs, zombies, terrorists, police, crazy and so on.

 Already quite really develop methods to help people suffering from a disease of computer games. Scientists are choosing ways to help all players "return" to reality and start anew to live fully.

 In the future, it is planned to help "sufferers" not only with advice, but also with the help of medical preparations. Everyone can be happy with this solution.

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