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School composition

Completeness is a plus
 Women and girls are constantly worried about what they are full and how strong their desire to lose weight. Of course, the girls are very difficult in such situations, as they are very emotionally react to any extra kilogram of weight.

 In fact, the female figure is only a social phenomenon, but not a natural one. By nature, each member of the fair sex has inherent genes that determine the location and completeness of each girl. It is not necessary to worry about this, since the female body is very sensitive to any change, both in the emotional background and in the weight.

 The metabolism of each organism is an individual system that is able to accept or reject its corrections. In this regard, it is necessary to approach the changes in the Constitution very carefully. This is very difficult on the one hand, but at the same time, it is extremely dangerous.

 Many girls who are affected by the surrounding reality, dictating to them the rules of behavior and how they should look, begin to worry about it and look for ways to lose weight. Is it worth it to worry so much about its completeness? Probably not.

 Due to the fact that the TV screens constantly young girls show perfect proportions, promote this kind of female body, girls are trying to meet these strange and not quite objective requirements of society. It should be noted that many girls, contrary to their nature, in every way try to form their body in accordance with the generally accepted standard, the standard of the female body.

 It should be noted that not all girls and women are sure of the perfect proportions of body shapes imposed on them by the world community. They consider their forms quite normal and worthy of veneration on a par with those recorded in the world.

 But there are those girls who are fanatically eager to become fashionable, to meet all requirements. This can lead to very unpleasant consequences in the form of anorexia and other unpleasant diseases associated with metabolic disorders.

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