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School composition

Childish trick
 We were all small and defenseless before. But this is only one side of the coin. In fact, we all know very well how to cheat and Dodge before. Children's trick is the quality of the child's psyche, which helps the child to achieve his own. If he wants ice cream, he will come up with something that is sure to lead to the desired result.

 Of course, some children can't be cunning, because they have a high level of education. This is achieved in the family and is important.

 The trick can be acquired by children in the process of their interaction with each other, when they share their experience, practice already known tricks.

 Such as a child, as a trick, gives the opportunity to assert themselves in the face of their friends.

 Children are very cunning and can cheat only when they really need it. There are those who turn around every day to achieve their goals.

 There are also cases when the same child is more and more immersed in a lie. Too bad he's being held hostage to his tricks. Get out of one of his own traps, the child immediately falls into the next. This is very difficult because it takes a long time to accurately weigh and calculate. Children, of course, can not do everything correctly.

 Some students are cunning every day to believe them in invented stories related to the delay of the lesson. Such tricks were popular in Soviet times. But they are popular now. Many children are forced to Dodge because they can't get what they want "legally." Therefore, they are forced to cheat and do what they do not like.

 Not all children like to be cunning. Some are so negative about this quality that sometimes beat "cunning".

 So before you cheat, it's best to understand how much you need it right now. If this is not necessary, then it should not be done.

 Thus, children's trick-it's not just the quality of personality, but also the ability of the child to get out of their child's world and start to win their "bread". It is veri impotent for puples. children are the real provocateurs.

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