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School composition

Can't be rude to a senior
This problem has existed for a long time. In the company of friends, you can afford to rudely respond or insult a person, sometimes much older than yourself. This, of course, should not be done, as there should always be respect for those who are higher, stronger and wiser than you, otherwise they will do so with you later, when you become older.

Bullies-it is most often the guys who are trying to get the approval of their friends and friends at the expense of their "courage". They boldly respond to adults, they are rude or insulted. Such an act is often admired. If the brute didn't get on a neck ,authority becomes even more.

Such behavior in the modern world is not uncommon. Children have always been quite aggressive and cruel "people". When the level of immoral behavior in the world increased, the children absorbed all this like sponges. Now rudeness is just the beginning. In a fit of anger, distraught teenagers can inflict a brutal massacre on the old man or just not so looked at them an adult.

Of course, the rudeness of children in relation to adults – is the result of errors of adult education. Children are left to themselves, play cruel games, from screens on them so much aggression pours out that it becomes surprising how kind and sympathetic children are still born.

But children should not be blamed. The problem of rudeness often begins in a family where the father scolds the mother (grandmother), and the mother scolds the father (grandfather); the older sister is rude to parents and much more. All of this creates an incorrect model of behavior in fragile psyche

Sometimes it happens that the young "rude" is genetically aimed at aggression and abuse, but they can not be rude to their peers, for fear of their reciprocal cruelty, and adults who, because of their age and wisdom, do not want to mess with the child. But for rebenka this situation seems to win it on a grown-up, not Vice versa.

There is much going on in life and rudeness is one of the Islands of human anger and hatred. You need to think before you say a rude word to someone.

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