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School composition

Beautiful places
 There are great multitude of world monuments, including Uzbek sights. There are lots of sights in Tashkent, Bukhara, Khiva, but especially in Samarkand.

 I would like to talk about Samarkand in my essay, particularly about the Registan ensemble. It is located in the centre of Samarkand city. Literally the word Registan is translated as a place which was covered with sand.

 It is very important to mention how to get there. I can answer. Foremost you can buy a touristic ticket to Samarkand. Since I have known, it is not too expensive. In my opinion, this option is better than fallowing, and it has variety of advantages.

 The main benefit, is if you buy this ticket you will settle in one of the best guest houses of Samarkand inclusive of stunning environment, perfect service and most delicious restaurant. You will not need anything, just enjoy and relax on your holidays.

 Secondly, you can get there by your own way from Tashkent to Samarkand. Namely, either you can purchase an air ticket, or a ticket to train, which is not too comfortable, but both of them are quite popular. Therefore, you may attain to Samarkand by taxi, by bus, by your own car or even on foot. However, afoot is very long and difficult one, by taxi is too expensive one. In addition, you have an opportunity of flight to Samarqand from all over the world. As a result, you are in Samarkand and it is very easy to get to the Registan ensemble. As local people understand english and know that place perfectly. It is enough to say the driver the name of a place and he will drive you there.

 At last, it could be asked what may anyone do there? I can replay, there you can see the historical buildings, you can touch them and imagine how It had been built before emergence of new technologies. Because in that times it was very arduous to construct. It will not be boring trip, anyone can recommend you on one hundred percent.

 Finally, I would like to recommend everyone to visit this place because it is our history, and history of our ancestors. I suppose that each person must know it and respect it.

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