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School composition

A live music performance is always inferior to a studio recording
Music has always been one of the most important part in our life. This art form is loved by almost everyone on Earth. It makes us feel in a better mood and it relaxes us. Songs’ lyrics describe our feelings the way we would never be able to express them. It unites people around the world, regardless of social status, nationality and age. People listen to music recorded or through concerts. There are different opinions on this problem: some people think that a studio recording is better than a live music performance while others think that the best way to listen to music is a live concert.

In my point of view, there is nothing better than listening to music at a live performance. Firstly, it allows you to see how good a singer is at singing and performing. If he or she is really talented and you can tell it, you will appreciate the singer’s work even more than you used to. Secondly, it gives you an amazing opportunity to meet a lot of your co-thinkers with whom it becomes even more enjoyable to listen to your favorite music. You can find friends with the similar preferences and hobbies.

However, the opponents of this view say that a studio recording has a better sound than live performances because it shows the best version of a song because when a singer performs, he cares more about his connection with the crowd, not on how to sing every part of the song perfectly.

Nevertheless, I disagree with this point of view. There are no studio recordings that could give people emotions as amazing as live performances. A studio version can be clearer but it does not give the same energy and feelings as concerts do. The most important about is its atmosphere, not its perfect sound.

In the conclusion, the best way to listen to music has always been a controversial thing, but I strongly hold the opinion that live performances give us unforgettable emotions and memories while studio recordings are not able to do that.

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