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School composition

The Artist
The theme of a fictional story, the style is realism.

Class-high school, 15-18 years.

 It was a cold winter evening in the little town of Rombuld. The snow was falling down to the ground, flying graciously and looking more beautiful than ever. At first sight, nobody could be seen outside, as people preferred to enjoy the snowy December from their houses. But after looking closer, you could find young Howard Leapson - the only living soul wandering around the old town church.

 Howard was a schoolboy, just about to turn 16. He had a rare talent of drawing, but neither his mother nor his father could ever understand his passion for art. Howard was among the very few kids who did exceptionally poor at school, always forgetting to do his homework or to learn a new paragraph. He was definitely much more interested in mixing his watercolors together, exploring different shades; drawing random lines, analyzing shapes; using self-made brushes, testing new textures.

 Mr. and Mrs. Leapson were disappointed in their only son. Who could have thought, that such a well-raised young boy would skip classes to observe landscapes and receive awful feedback from teachers? Mrs. Leapson, for example, has always been saying: “Of course Howey will become an Anesthesiologist!”, but now, after seeing his school reports, she was always in a bad mood, telling everyone that her son is a disgrace to the whole family.

 Howard felt offended but continued on with his art. His parents forbade him to bring home any art supplies, hoping that it could stop him. But the boy found various ways to cheat. Sometimes he would even stay in his school library for hours, trying to finish a new piece. Classmates and teachers were all concerned with his unwillingness to work just as much for maths or science. But numbers and facts never interested Howard as much.

 Needless to say, Howard never gave up on his passion. Now, 20 years after his school graduation, he, a successful and famous artist, was talking to the press at his 4th annual art exhibition:

 “I was young and determined. I knew I was good at painting and drawing and that’s why I was working extremely hard on my passion. I knew I would be an absolute terrible doctor of any kind, and that would be dangerous to let me become one. But art is something that I’ve mastered. I believe it’s better to be really good at only one thing and make a living out of it, than to have a million A’s at school and end up being a hopeless and unhappy lawyer, hating his job”.

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