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School composition

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 On a nice summer day a pigeon named Jerry was flying around the town, looking for something to snack on. McDonald's, Burger King, KFC... Nothing interesting. He's been there many times before and got used to their food. 'Today is the day that I finally try something new!' - said Jerry to himself, trying to look for a perfect place.

 After about five minutes of flying, he finally saw something very interesting, something that he has never seen before - 'Dunkin' Donuts'.

 Jerry was intrigued, so he started to slowly descend to a parking near the café.

 The garbage bins were fuller than ever, and Jerry was about to dive deep into the world of exciting trash, but something caught his eye...

 It was a perfectly manufactured box, with the 'Dunkin' Donuts' logo on top. Why did a box provoke such a reaction?

 It wasn't just any box. It was a box with something inside of it!

 Jerry was ecstatic. He opened the mystery box and found a full, beautiful, untouched chocolate donut with rainbow sprinkles all over.

 'Today is my lucky day!' - thought Jerry right away. He was about to sniff the donut when two of his peers landed nearby.

 'What'cha got there?' - asked one of them.

 'Hi, Dell and Dan. What's up?' - said Jerry, trying to hide the donut behind his back.

 'Not much, but I see that you have a donut over there!'

 'Oh, yeah, that... Just a donut, you know... Nothing special. Really bad for you though. Sugars, saturated fats, chemicals and all that... Terrible' - Jerry was trying to convince his friends that they don't want it.

 'Wait, are those colored sprinkles?!' - screamed Dell (or was it Dan?).

 Jerry was trying hard to think of a way to get the donut all to himself, but nothing was coming into his head.

 'Listen. I got here first. It's mine!'

 And then something clicked in his brain. Yes! This idea is absolutely perfect! Jerry decided to wear the donut around his body and just fly away.

 But the plan didn't work out. Jerry got inside the hole and squeezed his body through it, but he couldn't fly because his wings were also inside the donut. He was stuck.

 The story has a happy ending. Jerry learned to share. Dell and Dan were very helpful and ate two-thirds of the donut on Jerry's body, setting him free and leaving him a third of the well-deserved chocolate heaven.

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