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School composition

My school
Topic for the 9th form

 Today I want to tell you about my school. I study at school number 7. I came here in the fifth form. My school is a modern three storeyed building. We have big yard with beautiful flowerbeds and sport ground in front of our school.

 Our classroom is situated on the second floor. It is very big and modern. We have three big windows there, two bookcases and big blackboard in our classroom. We have many lessons in our classroom.

 We have big conference hall, two gyms and spacious canteen in our school. Besides, there are a lot of different classrooms in our school. For example, our Chemistry classroom, is very spacious and newly equipped. We have many chemistry books, tables and different chemicals there. Our Physics classroom is very interesting too. There are a lot of portraits of famous scientists on the walls of classroom. Besides, you can see tables with Physics formulas there. They are very useful when we have tests. Our classroom of Mathematics is very big and modern. You can see Math formulas on the walls. Our English classroom is the place where we study English. You can see map of USA and portraits of famous British and Americans writers on the walls. We like all our classrooms and proud of them. Our school is considered to be the best school in town! We know it and we try to keep our school clean always.

 If you walk out of the school you will see big sport ground where we have lessons in Physical training. Boys like to play football there when it is warm. When the weather is not very good we have our lessons in one of our gyms. We have two gyms I must admit. The new gym is situated on the second floor, while our old gym is situated in the back yard of school. We still use both of them for our lessons of Physical training.

 The yard of our school is very big. You can see many beautiful flowers there. We have our official events here. On such days, as first of September, our principal gathers us in the yard and congratulates us with the beginning of new school year. It is old tradition of our school.

 We all love our school very much. I know that very soon I will finish school, but I will remember my school days forever!

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