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School composition

My favourite subject
 We have many different subjects at school. We study Mathematics, Literature, Languages, History, Chemistry, Arts. As for me, my favourite subject is English. Our teacher Elena Alekseevna is the best teacher. Her lessons are always very interesting and exciting. We have our English lessons at our class-room. We have many English books in our school bookcase and big coloured map of Great Britain on the wall of our classroom. Our teacher teaches us since the third form.

 Our English lesson begins with salutation in English. Then Elena Alekseevna checks who is absent in the classroom. After this she begins to check our home-tasks. I always try to prepare my home-task in English and cope with it properly. Then she tells us about our new topic and we begin to open our books. We have English vocabularies also, where we write our new words with translations. It helps us to master English better. Elena Alekseevna teaches us new words on every English lesson.

 Sometimes we have tests in English too. That is why we must study grammar rules. It is not very easy to pass the test in English you know. I always try to recollect all grammar rules and information from our previous lessons. It helps me to get higher scores on tests.

 Sometimes our school is visited by foreign teachers. They come to our country to teach our people and to learn our language. Elena Alekseevna always invites foreigners to visit our English lessons. We communicate with them, ask different questions and listen to their stories about USA or UK. I like such meetings very much. Elena Alekseevna knows how to make our lessons interesting. We always learn something new. Our teacher is very just and kind. We try not to make her upset.

 I think that English is very important nowadays. It is international language. If u know English, you can travel around the world and in every country people will understand you pretty well. Besides, you can read your favourite books in their native language, or to watch films and TV-series without any translation. Language – is the great power, that is for sure.

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