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School composition

Go to the kindergarten
 Everyone loves to go hiking, travel to different cities and get acquainted with the environment.

 I also love Hiking, but today I have chosen an unusual hike. It's going to kindergarten. I used to go to kindergarten. And now I decided to return to the country of my childhood, to remember what I liked to do when I was little.

 In kindergarten, I was very warmly received by teachers. They allowed me to visit the band I had studied, grew up, played in. Also, the teachers remembered how I was a naughty boy. They also remember the tricks I used to do. I was a little ashamed of myself, but still interested to hear about myself. I laughed with stories of how small I was. It's a pity that I don't remember it, because it's been so many years since I finished kindergarten. I have very different interests now, I am communicating with new friends. And I really want to go back to kindergarten to be friends with my old friends.

 The kindergarten is also warm and fun. Children play with toys, tell poems. Teachers sing songs with them. It was all the same when I was little. I'm allowed to attend a class. Today the children sculpted an elephant. They gave me clay, too. I made elephant. I also wanted to help the kids make an elephant because they couldn't. The teacher praised me that I helped her to conduct the lesson, because I know many interesting stories from the life of an elephant.

 I was also allowed to see where the children sleep. However, now in the kindergarten new furniture, but memories of childhood are still present.

 How good to visit the camp of childhood. I want every adult to experience nostalgia with such force as I experienced it. It's a very interesting feeling. Adult children solve their school problems, and adults think about their vital problems. And I am very pleased to get out of the routine of life for at least one day, and again to be a child.

 Although I am in the ninth grade, I want every adult to find time and visit their kindergarten. He will get an unforgettable experience. It seems to me that it is necessary to devote at least a little time not only to their children and other children. Do not forget your first teachers. They opened the world to us. They taught us little children everything we know. For us, it seems so elementary. But as a child, to tie their own shoelaces or wear a shirt was considered a feat.

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