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School composition

Adult Life
 Every little child wants to stand up as an adult. They do everything for this, look at adults and copy their behavior. At first, the child wants to go to kindergarten. In kindergarten, the child screams to be led to school. Because there are learning children are grown. And he wants to be an adult as soon as they are. At school, every teaching wants to quickly finish school and go to College, after you need to go to work and start a family.

 Children in adolescence argue with their parents because they are clever that they are adults and can make their own decisions. Sometimes such a decision can be wrong. But still the children are trying to insist on their own. Teenagers understand their mistakes only when they themselves have children.

 No one realizes that what the person becomes older, the more responsibility it carries with it. When a person begins to understand it, he wants to go back to childhood and correct their mistakes. Every time an adult tells a child, but children do not even want to listen to the advice. Over time, when a child becomes an adult, he remembers what advice he was given by adults. Our moms and dads were small too. They constantly tell how they saw themselves when they became adults; they pretended to cook for themselves, played in the store, cooked food. Imagined, as they this all will do in adult life.

 Adults complain about their lives. They tell about their problems not only to adults but also to children. Such advice given by adults, you can distort the reality of the child and when the child grows up, it will also look at life through the eyes of an adult who complained about the difficulties. I think everyone has the right to make a mistake in his life, to rethink his bad deed and do the opposite. Life teaches everything.

 When I become an adult, I want to find a decent second half, which will support me in all my decisions. I also want to find a decent job. I really want to not slip through life, as it happens in adults. I really like to communicate with people of different professions. I really want to travel around the world. I love to travel to different countries.

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