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School composition

A Camping Trip Gone Wrong
The theme is an unusual fictional story, fantastic.

Class - high school, 15-18 years.

It's early June and the weather is already perfect - not too hot but not too cold. Nights are getting shorter, people are eating more and more ice-creams and BBQs are becoming the only right way to spend weekends. In other words - it's the perfect time for a little camping trip with friends.

So, you decide to start planning and packing: a tent, some canned food, two boxes of matches, a flashlight with a few sets of batteries just in case, a book of short stories, a... What is it behind that book? A magical wand? Perfect! That goes inside the bag as well. When you're all set up, you call your best friends and tell them the exciting news. They all agree to come, of course.

All of you take an early morning train to the mountain village near a forest and a lake. Everyone is so thrilled! After the two-hour ride, you finally arrive at the destination. You walk through the forest and tell each other interesting stories. Then you find a perfect place to stay right near the calm and picturesque lake.

You start trying to set up the tent, but for some reason, it's not very easy. But wait! You have a wand, remember? You use magic to help yourself with the installation, and it works! The tent is big enough for all of you to sleep in. In fact, it has a separate kitchen, toilet and living room!

The evening comes, and your friends decide to start a fire. You obviously take out your wand and create a perfect-sized fire right near the tent. You and your friends start eating some canned tuna and bread for dinner while playing fun role games and telling scary ghost stories to each other. The trip is great so far!

Then the night comes, and it's time for you to sleep. But first, you really want to swim in the moonlit lake. You jump right into the warm water while still wearing your clothes and it feels amazing. The water is so clear, that you can see different kinds of fish swimming around you.

You get back to the tent and find all your friends to be already sleeping. The moon is full and the air is warm, so you decide to lay down outside the tent. But then, all of a sudden, you hear some noises from the nearby bushes. What could it be? You see two glowing eyes in the dark, you get up, take your wand and...

...The alarm in your room goes off. It's 6 AM, time to get up. You open your eyes and find yourself on your bathroom floor, with a toothbrush in your hand. Your bath is filled with water. There's a rubber duck on the washing machine and your clothes are all wet. It's mid-December...

Don't you just love camping trips?

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