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School composition

Virtual communication: is it dangerous?
Nowadays people spend more and more time in the Internet. Is it good for our communication skills? Let us look through this problem.

On the one hand, people have an opportunity to talk to their relatives and friends who live very far from them. An invention of a telephone was a major step forward in communication a century ago but Internet seems to be a heyday in people’s evolution. It is quite cheap and rapid to receive information from all over the world.

Moreover, you have an access to international communication in terms of Internet. It is really a global web that makes it possible to interact between continents and learn more about different cultures. Also, you can practice foreign languages and get some offers from abroad that could be useful for your future career.

On the other hand, Internet is not the safest place to contact with people. Firstly, there are loads of fraudsters who would like you to grill with spam, to get our personal information (the greatest example – so called "letters from Nigeria”), to send you viruses, etc. Secondly, we prefer to shelter ourselves under fake accounts and all the conversation can be just a whole lie. Thirdly, we start to concentrate more on virtual world than on real life.

In addition, when we are in Internet, we sit too much and have problems with our spine; watch too much and have myopia. It is extremely important to make some exercises in order to leave the conversation and take a rest; otherwise we will have a lot of diseases, even psychological.

As for me, conversation in Internet is too easy. It means that you don’t have fight for somebody’s attention and you become shyer in real life. I don’t think that it is good because we have to know how to speak, too. On the other hand, it is very comfortable to use it and chat with friends, I agree.

In conclusion, you have to wisely use Internet in order to get rid of the problems with health and personal information security. So, we need to go outdoors and practice more our real-life communication skills.

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