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School composition

The press should be free to write what they want
 Nowadays the press has become on of the main sources we get information from. People read newspapers and different articles every day. Sometimes in these articles we can find some info about famous people that does not put her or his best foot forward. The majority of people find it exciting and very interesting to read intriguing and provocative things about celebrities, politicians and etc. This info might not be only incorrect but it can also hurt feelings those who were included there. There are different opinions on this important problem: some people think that the press should have freedom of speech by writing everything they like while others believe that the press should be limited in writing what they would like to write.

 In my point of view, the press should not always be free to write what they like. First of all, if the press is allowed to write what they like, they will write things that can be offended to others or could have a negative effect on the live of a person or a group of people. Secondly, the press can misinform a lot of people by writing gossip in order to sell more newspapers and magazines. That can lead to very bad repercussions.

 However, the opponents of the view say that the press should not be limited in its actions because the press gives us information about the world and our government. By writing things they like the press will keep us informed in everything what is happening around us.

 Nevertheless, I strongly disagree with the opinion. If a journalist writes about things he likes, what he finds more interesting, he will not be one hundred percent objective and reliable in what he is writing, because he will give only his side of the story which other people will take as the whole true information.

 In the conclusion, freedom of the press has always been a controversial thing, but I hold the opinion that the press should not be always free to write things they want to write because otherwise they can hurt people’s feelings or even ruin their reputation and a private life.

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