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School composition

The International Women’s Day
 In every country there are many holidays. But do not forget about the cute women. Their holiday is celebrated on March 8 and it is called international women's day.

 Before a wonderful holiday on all the shelves of stores sold many color of flowers. Flowers for women can be found for every taste and color. Also in stores there is a huge selection of perfumes, cosmetics. Every woman is looking forward to this holiday to show her beauty at its best. She goes to salons, does her hair, paints, and buys herself a new dress.

 On this day, many women go to each other's homes. They congratulate each other on the holiday, relax, and communicate. Women also take their daughters to visit. At a party can advise to make a fashionable hairstyle, make up nails. Every woman tries to make another nice gift. It's normal, because women are created to take care of each other.

 On this day, men make women a pleasant surprise, give gifts, clean the apartment, cook, clean the house, and arrange a romantic dinner. Women are especially pleased when men give flowers on this day. Sons help their mothers. Every mother wants her son to understand how hard it is for a woman.

 On this significant day, all family members should be elegant, well-groomed. Every woman believes that her family is the most beautiful. The holiday lasts the whole day. Men can take their ladies to the cinema, to a concert, to the theater and other places where a woman wants to visit.

 If the grandmother lives far away, in order to surprise her and congratulate all family members can come to visit. The whole family can gather at one table, drink tea with cake and communicate with each other, forgetting for a while all the problems that they had at school, at work.

 Many men like their women to surprise. They make extreme surprises. For example, they have a parachute jump, balloon flight, riding motorcycles.

 Children also try to surprise their mother’s grandmothers. They secretly make postcards; write letters make fakes with their own hands, bake pies.

 On this day, everyone tries to look beautiful and happy.

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