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School composition

Only individual sports help to become stronger mentally and physically
 Nowadays sport occupies an important place in people’s lives. Many of them believe that sport has I big influence on a person’s personality and character. Sport affects us very positively and beneficially as it is able to boost our self-esteem, reduce stress and it can even help to get better at solving problems in a real life. The variety of different kinds of sport makes it hard to choose the best for ourselves. There are different opinions on this interesting topic: some people say that team sports are great for building a stronger character, while others believe that only individual sports can do this.

 In my point of view, team sports can really help to develop a tough and strong character because you feel responsible for your co-players and try to do your best only not to let them down. In addition to this, team sports give people a chance to improve their communicative skills and find new friends. You will never feel lonely or hopeless in a team because you always know somebody will lend you a helping hand.

 However, the opponents of this view say that only individual sports give sportsmen an excellent motivation and inspire them to work really hard as they know, they will be alone on pedestal and all fame will be theirs. For people, it is extremely important to be praised for their work and feel admired and sometimes rem players can stay hidden no matter how hard they tried.

 Nevertheless, I disagree with the opinion. Many sportsmen in individual sports feel a lot of pressure on them and not always they can cope with stress and anxiety, while in team sports you will have others to rely on.

 In the conclusion, comparison team sports with individual ones has always been a controversial thing, but I hold the opinion that doing sport in a team helps mostly everyone to become a strong and responsible person who will think not only about him- or herself but other people too. Team sports are the best choice for those who want to find great and loyal friends and who want to be a part of something big and amazing.

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