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School composition

My school friend
 I love going to school because it's fun. We have very good teachers. They have fun lessons. I also like going to school because I can meet my friends there. My friends are mostly classmates. I also have friends from other classes. We help each other with homework.

 We don't stay at home long for lessons. Everyone does oral work. We distribute the written work among ourselves. Before the lessons we rewrite homework from each other. I hope that teachers do not know about it. We're not bored at recess.

 After the call from the lesson we go out into the corridor, where all together communicate. Each of us is trying to bring something new to school, such as a new game. Also my friends, like me, are fond of reading books. We try to read interesting information on the Internet at home. When we come to school, we tell each other interesting stories. We also tell each other joke.

 We are constantly called to participate in various events. On holidays we show other children from our school an interesting performance.

 At our school at recess sometimes there is a class duty. When I'm on duty, no one breaks discipline. My friends come up to me and help me watch the school. When my friends are on duty, I help them. We have a very friendly school team.

 On weekends, I travel with my friends to different cities. There we look at the sights of the city. On the road, we always have fun, because we sing songs. If one of my friends could not go, I always bring him a souvenir bought in the city. I also try to tell my friends what was interesting in the city. Maybe one day my friend will go there too. He must know the interesting places of an unfamiliar city. I also take photos in different cities. After coming home from another city, I show my photos to my friends. They really like to look at pictures.

 It happens that some of my classmates do not attend school because they are sick. I go up to the teachers, take assignments for friends and visit them. This helps not to run the material covered. Friends are happy when I help them.

 I'm a sociable person. People like this very much. I think when I grow up, my friends won't forget me.

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