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School composition

My School
 Every person in his life studied at school. I also have to go to school for a long 11 years. On the one hand it is so much, and on the other school life will be held as an instant. And still we live in a school, we love our school.

 Every day I have to get up early to get ready for school. Every day in the morning I do the same thing-I brush my teeth, have Breakfast and go to school on the school bus. There are many students in the bus, because the school is located far from our house.

 The school, though large, but has only two floors. The school has the shape of a square. If you walk through the corridors of one floor, it turns out that we walk in a circle. My school is attended by many students. I am very happy about it, because I am a very sociable student. I have many friends not only from my class, but also from other classes.

 Classes start five minutes after the bus brought us. We usually have seven lessons a day. Sometimes it happens that six lessons, but it is very rare. Our classes are large. Thirty people in each class. Although the class is large, but we do not offend teachers. We respect them and help them to do different work.

 At school we have clean, because the cleaners are constantly washing the floors, rubbing the Windows. We help them sometimes. We have a very friendly and sociable school. We love to participate in various events and competitions. We are rewarded for this. I like to participate in competitions in arts and crafts, because I like to make fakes of those materials that come to my hand. I'm also interested in drawing. Although I do not sing, but I really want to go to the choir and learn how to sing. But I don't have time for that, because there are a lot of tasks at home. So I have to stay at home and learn lessons. Sometimes so much is asked that you have to go to bed very late. Despite various difficulties, I still love my school. All the difficulties that the school presents, I overcome with ease.

 I want every student to love his school, respect his teachers, friends and do only good deeds. Students leave school, and teachers remember their students by the actions they have committed in school life.

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