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School composition

In the 21st century it is very easy to get information though it is very difficult to prove it is trustworthy
 There are a lot of different sources of information like books, newspapers, TV, and the Internet, which every day helps millions of people around the world to find needed information very quickly and easy. The problem is that not all data is reliable and true. There are different opinions on this important problem: some people think that it is very hard to get information which has been proven to be truthful while others do not think like that.

 In my opinion, it is troublesome to prove that information is authentic. Firstly, sometimes it is impossible to find who published some articles or other pieces of info, so you can not be sure was that person a scientist or someone without special education. Secondly, it is not easy to check when the information has been published. Things in our modern world change every single day and it is almost impossible for people to be sure that the info is correct and has not got old.

 However, the opponents of the view claim that the Internet has some really good sites where info is checked by specialists and there is no need to be worried about being deceived. There are not so many sites like that but if try diligently you definitely are going to find correct info on things you are curious about.

 Nevertheless, I disagree with the opinion. Most sites on the Internet allow ordinary people, who sometimes do not have a special education, to make their own edits if they disagree with the info, which makes things are very contradictory. It can be even considered to be dangerous because it can misinform people on very important subjects such as health and the device of our world.

 In the conclusion, reliability of information has always been a controversial thing, but I strongly hold the opinion that nowadays verified information is a very rare thing, so before saying some things make sure you have checked the info not only using the Internet but also with the help of scientific books, articles and a professional of his craft.

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