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School composition

How I ended this summer
An essay on the topic "How I spent this summer", 8 th grade

Let's start with the fact that it was the most unforgettable summer of my life. I spent it not only with pleasure but also with use. Let me tell you how it was.

My summer began with the fact that I didn't even feel like left the school, moved from may to June. But in fact I remained in school, only the season has changed to summer and started to walk late. Now, the reason I stayed in school? It's simple: I went to a school camp. And don't you dare laugh and think that I hung out at their desks for 9 months. No. I went to school camp because he was focused on sports training and bettering yourself. In short, sports camp. Just say that it's definitely not for those who did not go to the gym. The camp is even tougher.But after Breakfast and lunch will make you full all day. In General, I loved this June's camp, given the fact that I pulled a muscle in the race and I was terribly hurt. Why I liked the school camp? And liked because I was there working at full speed with the rest of the guys and I loved it. I liked how we went on various excursions, on the road which waved catching up with us drivers. I love that our coach, part-time and the PE teacher, spoke to us on various topics, inserted jokes and teasing.I loved even the way we worked on the flower beds, while others having fun in the cinema. I was just having a good time with the people I know. I was very good. When the time came to say goodbye, I was sad that it ended. I wanted to continue. In memory of those fun days gave us some souvenir, one of which is now always with me.

July was almost the same as June, but without teachers, elementary school and a hearty Breakfast lunch. In July we continued to train, to run in the mornings and sometimes the evenings. Procrastinating, playing basketball and volleyball. And even bathed. Oh yeah. A lot of swimming. Once even in clothes. Also in July, the first time I walked in the night. However, we are not prepared therefore quickly froze, but in General we stayed out till 3am. An incredible feeling. Especially if you are a romantic and love to watch the starry sky.The beginning of July was marked by the fact that the first time I worked as a promoter on the distribution of leaflets. Easy money, just take not always.

In August, started pre-school vanity.In early August, we cleaned the school territory. We didn't pay for it. Continued August that h many times went shopping for school. What I love. What is the office, and even new clothes. Beautiful! Read the list of literature, remembered items. Several times worked as a promoter. New year ready!

I will always remember this summer, it is the most favorite of all my summer holidays. Will miss you.

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