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School composition

In nature, there are four times of season: winter, spring, summer and autumn. These times of the year impresses with its beauty.

In spring plants and animals wakes up after hibernation. In the spring on the river you can see an ice drift. In the fields snow slowly melts. Trees also wake up after winter. You can see on them swollen buds. After a while on the trees there are springs and flowers. In spring you can look primroses. Each flower is filled with vital energy. The sun shines, the sky has a light blue hue, and the air fresh and clean. Many animals come out to hunt after hibernation. Birds come from warm lands and delight with their singing.

When spring leaves, summer comes for it. Summer is always very hot weather. In summer many people is the beach season. People trip to the sea specifically to sunbathe and swim in the sea as much as possible. There are thunderstorms. You must see the lightning and hear the thunder rumble. After the rain you can look the rainbow. After the rain, you can run through the warm puddles and not be afraid that after this procedure you will get very sick. Children love summer only because they can run as long as they want, catch butterflies, play late. They will not do anything for it. And they can watch cartoons very late and they don't have to get up early. Each child can choose how much he gets up.

After summer we have autumn. The grass turns yellow. Gradually fall leaves from trees. In autumn very often go rains. People have no desire to go out in this weather. Many birds fly to warmer climes for overwintering. Many animals are preparing for hibernation.

After autumn we can watch as winter comes. It's snowy and cold. The whole earth is covered with snow. Birds rarely meet in winter. Winter consists of very short days and long nights. People, especially children, love winter. They can go sledding from the hills. Children with adults make a snowman, throwing each other with snowballs.

What time of the year do I like best? Summer of course. Only in summer I go to swim in different waters. Play with my friends until late.

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