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School composition

My vacation
 Summer for every person is associated with rest. All children rest in the summer. A lot of adults only take a summer vacation. Why do they do this, because in nature there are other seasons? All because the summer is very hot. And when it's hot, you don't want to work. In summer you can safely go to the sea. You can eat ice cream, as well as in the summer you can walk until the morning. Summer nights are very warm.

 I also love summer because I'm always resting. On my vacation I travel with my family. We watch many attractions of different cities. In the summer I fun to spend time near the sea. On the beach there are inflated slides, swings, where you can safely ride.

 Summer is not only the season of the sea, but also the fishing season. I like to go to the river and fish. Nature on the river is very beautiful. The trees are all in foliage where you can hide from the sun. Near the river grows a large number of berries. While fishing, you can safely eat berries and be satisfied. The grass is green and soft. Fishing cannot take a special chair, sat on the grass and sit quietly, wait until the fish caught.

 Summer can be spent not only in the city, but also in the village of my grandmother. Visiting my grandmother, I can easily light a fire and cook food on it. For example, bake potatoes. Grandma allows you to do every day picnics. My friends come to me to eat potatoes. Until everything is ready, we're playing different games. During the meal we tell different stories, share news about each other, tell funny jokes. Grandma is never angry that my friends come to me.

 Also on summer holidays I like to go to the forest to collect berries. The forest is not very hot. It's quiet. In the forest you can safely breathe fresh air. During the collection of berries you can see how the animals run. It's hares, hedgehogs, foxes can sometimes be found. Have a good time in the woods. You can play ball. In the forest, you can shout very loudly to hear an echo in response.

 It's a pity that the summer lasts only three months, and I want it to last even more. At other times of the year I miss the summer and wait for the summer to come, so that there was no worry, so that you can have plenty to walk, somewhere to go. Summer is the best it can be.

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