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School composition

How I spent my summer
An essay on the topic "How I spent summer", 7 th grade

The past summer was very exciting for me. The first month I spent in the city, and the remaining two stayed in the ancient village aunt. Summer in the city is not very interesting, and very dusty and hot. There is a desire to escape away from the city. But there are nice moments. On the first day of vacation, our family went to the circus. He comes to us only in the summer, the square is a huge dome, and stand near the wagons allowed. Them beasts sitting in large cages and behave very calmly.

In the circus everything is interesting: gymnasts with incredible stunts, acrobats, jugglers, magicians and much more, but children are more attracted to animals and clowns. All animals are trained and perform different numbers. Large animals such as tigers, lions are in cages. To approach them is strictly prohibited. Tigers and lions are predators, with a menacing growl leaping through burning rings and little animals doing funny numbers. Small animals after the performance are the ranks to the children were able to touch them.My younger brother ran a number each time to pet, even if it was a normal rabbit. Only when I removed a huge Python, he hesitated a bit, but all the same the courage, and after very proud of it. In between rooms, went to the scene of the clowns, their performances all the audience laughed out loud, even if the room was in tears, reaching the first row in the auditorium. Clowns with any room – cause joy, largely help them in this their bright clothes.

We went to the lake near the city. The water at the beginning of summer cold and the breeze, to swim I do not particularly like. My brother and I built a sand tower, ran along the shore, throwing each other inflatable ball and eating ice cream.

In early July I went to the aunt in village. I love spending the summer – quiet and fresh, clean air, and everywhere the smell of blooming flowers. Auntie has a huge house, play hide and seek for you all day so no one can find. Aunt every morning I was indulged with delicious pastries and pancakes, I especially love eating them with sour cream – great fun! Auntie and a lot of times went into the woods for mushrooms and berries – there is a juicy, red strawberries.Every time I have been able to recruit only a small basket, because a lot of berries I have eaten – so juicy and ripe only grow in his uncle's forest.

In the garden we gathered blackberries and gooseberries, and my aunt made jam, and then passed on as a gift to my family. In the village, every yard a lot of Pets - entertaining to watch them. Funny dog named Baby, happily spends his days – in the morning it helps my aunt to expel the goats in the field, and on the way back the Baby often lags and runs out. For dinner he comes and lies in his kennel until sunset, and in the evening chasing cats in the yard, but he's not serious – it's just a game.And just before leaving, I saved a puppy – he was lying on the road outside the village – perhaps someone threw it. I picked him up and brought home, he was very hungry and very scared. Auntie fed him milk, the puppy lay down and fell asleep. Take it to the city, I could not, he stayed in the village, but I with impatience will wait for next summer to see him!

These holidays in the village I'll remember for a long time, they left in my memory a lot of wonderful impressions. Next summer I will come again to this village, swimming and sunbathing, picking berries and telling about life in the city. I am sure that the coming summer will be no less exciting than that.

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